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WEBSITE: https://liqnet.io/


LIQNET – is a crypto exchange that aggregates liquidity from various platforms thus solving the problem of the splitting of users and their trading orders by forming a unified order book with the best market depth and prices.


By the end of the decade, global cryptocurrency trading found itself scattered among various platforms, which led to severe fragmentation of liquidity. The lower the liquidity, the lower the average volume of a trading position in
comparison to stock and other classical markets. Moreover, in the moments of abrupt market movements, it can be
insufficient even for the trading low volume of cryptocurrencies.

LIQNET is a crypto exchange, which allows to unite liquidity from different platforms and solve the problem of scat-tering of users, their trading requests, and orders thus forming a unified order book with better market depth and better prices for private persons and legal entities from various jurisdictions.

What makes the LIQNET exchange unique is the LEN (Liquidity exchange network) tool, which allows to collect and combine orders of our exchange’s clients and orders from third-party platforms into a single order package and make them available for trading by all LIQNET’s clients. The holders of the LEN tokens get privileged terms.

Other advantages of LIQNET :

1. Desktop apps (own desktop app, MultiСharts, Trading View, and MT5)

2. Fully functional mobile trading apps for android and ios

3. An online-wallet project that provides the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money by the press of
a button. Additionally, it has the easy cryptocurrency investment service with free and paid built-in strategies

4. Acquiring service for receiving payments in cryptocurrencies that provides sellers with many capabilities and
protects from many risk




The basis of the LIQNET project is a secure cryptocurrency exchange. It collects liquidity using both classic methods and a standalone mechanism that uses the in-house LEN technology.

LEN is a mechanism that through an API allows to collect and combine data on requests to sell/buy from many cryptocurrency exchanges located anywhere in the world(Picture1) and to form a unified order book

LEN aggregates requests into a single stream, and because of that users can make deals at the most favorable
price with minimal spread (Picture2)

LEN allows the LIQNET system to get an improved model from the standard model of market depth (Picture3).

The new model offers added liquidity at the intersection of supply and demand(Picture4).

As a result, LIQNET users work with a unified order book, which contains both orders of clients of this exchange and orders relayed from other platforms.

The server side of the LIQNET platform is private cloud, which is composed of physical servers in several locations and client terminals (currently, one terminal for web browsers). The security of the server side has been thoroughly tested.

The LEN technology comprises three essential services:

1. Data collector

2. Automated trading system (provides hedging of clients’ deals at”external” platforms)

3. Automated system that allocates and account for funds (provides positive balances at”external” platforms, accounts for profitability as an additional control tool of an automated trading system)

All large platforms aim to increase the liquidity and trading volumes in their markets. The standard way of doing that is to connect an API of a platform to automated trading systems (trading robots). Almost all cryptoex-changes provide such trading APIs. They see LEN as an automated trading system, which makes numerous trading operations thus increasing liquidity and pays a fee for each transaction making profits for them.

LEN is a symbiosis of ccryptocurrencyexchanges, so it has no problems with integration. The technology allows to skip negotiations with competitors because the service does all interactions through their existing public APIs.

Any crypto exchange that LIQNET intends to connect to it platform should be checked by LIQNET’s specialists if
it has a license to work with cryptocurrencies. If a crypto exchange that LIQNET wishes to connect to the platform is located in a jurisdiction that has no explicit regulation of cryptocurrencies, then LIQNET has to by itself make sure that such exchange has documents that regulate AML and CFT. .In the case when such internal records do not correspond to the minimal requirements of the Singapore laws and international standards, this exchange will
not be connected to the platform.


On the developing cryptocurrencies market, the LIQNET’s ICO may be one of the few options for investors to enter the cryptocurrency services and exchanges market through a finished elaborate project. Our ICO stands out from the majority of the others because it is not just an idea. It is a real product ready for launch. It will be able to increase its competitive advantages and allow us to develop exponentially with the help of tokenization.



Lately, information about the cryptocurrencies market appears more and more oſten in various sources
starting from posts in social networks and ending with articles in reputable news media. Despite that, up until
recently this field of modern society hasn’t been the subject of detailed analysis by large consulting companies, investment banks, or renowned universities— those establishments whose function is to analyze new prospective field of economics.

The situation started to change drastically in 2016-2017 when bitcoin with its large capitalization begun to update historical highs monthly thus attracting capitals of investors from all over the world.

Among reputable global organizations, which at the time of this review have publications in the field of cryptocurrencies, are:

Cambridge University— Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study 2017

Gartner— research and consulting company specializing in the IT markets. Gartner has released many articles on the blockchain, the main of which are: «Practical Blockchain: A Gartner Trend Insight Report» and «Blockchain: Managing Business Expectations» In this review, we discuss the publications mentioned above.



Purchase a discount on fees: one token gives a 0,5% discount on the sum of fees for one day. The discount is activated for 24 hours in the personal account immediately after the withdrawal of tokens or at a particular time. Increment size is 0,5%, the highest possible discount is 90%. The timing of the discount can be chosen in the personal account.

Get access to the voting service to make decisions on the following matters:

  • Choosing the trading pairs offered at the exchange: at first, one or two pairs will be available in the system, the token holders choose the first 20 pairs that will be added to the system after the ICO;
  • Choosing the ways of spending 50% of attracted funds;

Choosing trading pairs to be added in the future in addition to the pairs that will be added by the LIQNET developers;

Increase of the exchange’s marketing budget;

Increase of deposits on other exchanges to provide better liquidity for the LIQNET platform;

Choosing additional sources of liquidity for LIQNET in addition to the ones added by the LIQNET developers;

Buy-out of the tokens on our platform at current prices to support the demand for them thus evading low price token sales and, therefore, the access of users to ultra-high discounts in large volumes, which can lead to a drastic decrease of the volume of the exchange’s fees.






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