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A unique P2P service for crypto/fiat money exchange, absolutely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems.

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The STREAMITY project is focused on creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that includes a broad range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefit from the developments in the cryptocurrency market while mitigating risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange.

The key element of the STREAMITY project is the STREAMDESK aggregator. STREAMDESK ensures exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies using smart contracts. The STREAMDESK prototype is available online and represents our core concept. STREAMDESK will ensure the most secure and efficient exchange of cryptocurrencies by aggregating market capitalization and price data from major cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, cryptocurrency rates will always be bound to its true market rate, and for-profit manipulation of exchange rates will be impossible. All fees are known in advance and will be transparent.

STREAMDESK provides significant advantages to investors and users. There will be a clear display of relevant market data and its fees, coupled with a fair, transparent, and secure exchange.

Furthermore, the STREAMITY service will include news, analysis, educational, and investment resources. All the aforementioned services will provide value-added assistance to investors with regard to their management and accumulation of cryptocurrency funds.

Each STREAMITY service will represent an independent business environment and will generate income from its various digital services.

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Project documentation and company requisites


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Legal requisites of the company


Our priority are our users.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community’s security.

We will develop a fair and transparent STREAMDESK service that allows for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies without intermediaries. This will help users save money, and will protect them against fraud through the use of smart contracts.

P2P platform StreamDesk

Decentralized Application with a Distributed Database for the Exchange of Cryptocurrencies for Fiat Money


According to CoinMarketCap, the average daily trading volume of cryptocurrency in September 2017 exceeded $4 billion (USD). Furthermore, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies exceeded $130 billion (USD).

However, the cryptocurrency market is small compared to the global trade of fiat currencies. For example, the Bank of International Settlements assessed the daily trading volume of the global FOREX market at $5.1 trillion (USD). By extrapolating the cryptocurrency market’s current growth rate, the cryptocurrency market may achieve similar volumes as the FOREX market within 3 years. Therefore, we may soon live in a new reality where the cryptocurrency exchange market will dominate over global fiat markets.

The cryptocurrency markets in 2017 have reached a scale where governments could not ignore the phenomenon. Consequently, cryptocurrencies will soon be legislated by various countries. As more countries adopt and legislate the use of cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency market and community will see a greater increase in its growth and development.

The corresponding potential of the cryptocurrency markets means a possibility of rapid growth for businesses serving the needs of such markets.



Moreover, as the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts simplify procedures of traditional markets, we will see a shift away from traditional markets towards cryptocurrency markets. Consequently, now is the best time to join the cryptocurrency movement and utilize its endless possibilities.

Countries developing its regulatory and legal framework for cryptocurrencies, or those that at least do not prohibit its use, are: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain, and the United States of America.

There is an increasing trend to utilize cryptocurrency over fiat currency as a payment instrument. Thus, the prospect of the cryptocurrency market developing is significant.

However, there is a bottleneck for fair entrance to the cryptocurrency market, especially for exchange services with minimum commissions.

Existing cryptocurrency exchanges are mostly centralized, which means users must trust their money to a third party. According to the Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study conducted by Cambridge Center of Alternative Finance, 49 out of 51 exchange markets are centralized.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to hackers as, by design, there is a single point of failure. This means that hundreds of millions of dollars are at risk from a single security vulnerability of an exchange.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) services may alleviate such risks; however, most of these services function only as a trading platform. Although P2P services may bring users together, it does not solve its underlying security issues.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile. Therefore, creating a low-commission exchange service entails enormous risk. Exchanges do not want to incur such risks, and therefore, charge commissions or inflate its cryptocurrency rates.

We provide a platform where we match users to carry out the necessary exchange. As a result, our platform has minimum commissions, and parties can securely transact through our smart contracts.

Main Advantages of StreamDesk over Its Competitors

Minimum FeesUsing Smart-Contracts
The user chooses transfer method himself, The application is built on the architecture of smart-contracts, which
in most cases there will be provides maximum protection for the seller and the buyer.
no fees in fiat money. Fees in the cryptocurrency vary from 0 to 2%.
Fixed Rates of CryptocurrenciesFreedom of Cryptocommunity
Buy/sell Cryptocurrencies at a fixed price.Fiat money and cryptocurrencies are not blocked within the platform.
Information about the rates Exchange is conducted directly between the seller and the buyer.
is automatically collected from the main exchange
markets in the "Market" section.

Cryptocurrency Market Problems

×   Complicated Process Of Buying/Selling Cryptocurrencies

Most P2P platforms work only with BTC and ETH. When buying/selling other cryptocurrencies, first thing to be done is to exchange them for BTC or ETH, and then exchange for fiat money. At each stage user loses funds while paying fees (which can meet the threshold of 10%).

×  Only a Small Number of Cryptocurrencies is Represented on P2P platforms

Most P2P platforms accept only ETH and BTC, which prevents the user from quickly creating the desired portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

×  High Fees When Exchanging Cryptocurrencies for Fiat Money

Users all over the world lose up to $ 2.5 billion daily when exchanging crypto-currency for fiat money.

Solutions We Offer

√   Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies in a Few Clicks

Within our platform, you can sell/buy cryptocurrencies just in a few clicks thanks to the convenient interface. Blockchain technology allows you to avoid intermediaries and conduct transactions directly with the cryptocurrency seller/ buyer via the smart-contract.

   Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

Our platform is aimed at working not only with BTC or ETH but also with other cryptocurrencies. It will give you an opportunity to create fast your own portfolio of different cryptocurrencies.

 Low Fees due to the Exclusion of Intermediaries

Due to the exclusion of intermediary exchange markets from the chain of cryptocurrency exchange, the commission is reduced to 0-2%

Pattern of Buying Cryptocurrencies within StreamDesk platform


Additional features

Artificial IntelligenceCommunity Training
We are planning to apply artificial intelligence in various Together with its partners "Streamity" will conduct large-
resources of the "Streamity" environment.scale training courses.
Meetups and ConferencesPartnership with Leading Blockchain Companies
We will hold meetups andStreamity supports partnerships
conferences on a varietywith various blockchain-
of topics for the communitycompanies with a view to
in different countries.the technological development.


STREAMITY is raising funds to launch its STREAMDESK decentralized application (DAPP): a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.
STREAMITY also plans to develop informational, analytical and educational investment resources for STREAMITY.ORG and its services.

STREAMITY Token Symbol

Token name. The key element of the STREAMITY ecosystem is the STREAMITY token (STM). STM constitutes the internal currency of the STREAMITY project. This means that payment for all project services will be made in STMs.

Number of tokens. STM will be issued on the Ethereum platform. The number of STM is hard-capped at 186,000,000 tokens.

Start exchange rate. The cost of one token is priced at $0.20 (USD). Tokens will be distributed proportionately to investors’ contribution during the ICO, subject to any premiums. The token price of ETH will be fixed an hour before pre-ICO/ICO, based on currency rates provided by the Poloniex exchange. ETH to USD exchange rates will be updated every hour.
PRE ICO parameters:
Soft cap on PRE ICO: –
Hard cap on PRE ICO: $2.8 million USD
The volume of PRE ICO sale: 20,000,000 STM
The volume of ICO sale: 110,200,000 STM
The ICO will be completed upon selling the aforementioned number of tokens.

How to buy tokens.
STM are available for sale for BTC, LTC ETH, ETC, USD, EUR. STM will be transferred to users’ accounts after the second stage of the ICO.
The minimum transaction amount in ETH: 0.1 ETH
All unsold tokens will remain in reserve with STREAMITY’s project founders.


Project plan

Experts’ reviews

Press Media about Streamity

Road map


Advisers and partners


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